Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Environmental Subdivision in Botetourt Begins

This foursquare is the first EarthCraft home in the new Daleville Town Center^

A visitor tries to squeeze into the third-floor children's space^

Packed-in crowd watches the test of the environmental house^

F&W CEO Karen Waldron (above and below right) explains why the home is important^


Fralin & Waldron's new Daleville Town Center, whose homes will be built to Gold EarthCraft House standards, got a close inspection from a houseful of interested guests and media this morning and CEO Karen Waldron was left glowing from appreciative pats on the back.

This is, she emphasizes, the future, the way homes should be built in a world increasingly running out of resources. The new subdivision, which will also have a commercial center nearby, will feature homes and cottages ranging in size from 942 square feet to 5,000 square feet.

The estimated cost of the three-story display home, according to an F&W representative, is $750,000, but other homes will cost much less.

Deb Cheslow, the regional technical manager of EarthCraft Virginia, gave a demonstration of just how tight the homes are and Waldron explained that the goal is to build a "TND" community where home, work, play, shopping and civic life are integrated into the compact area. "It is time for us to look at the way we work and play," Waldron told the gathered. "Eeverything within one community is a return to a traditional lifestyle that simplifies life and com;lements the local landscape."

President Andy Kelderhouse stresses that "The Fralin & Waldron mission has long been to develop quality communities that meet consumer needs. With Daleville Town Center, we are breaking new ground. We are taking the lead in introducing this type of master planning in Southwestern Virginia and helping to educate people on how compact, sustainable communities can set the stage for better living."

About 300 residencies are planned over the next 10 years in the center. The test, say officials of F&W, is whether, in this economy, success will be so obvious that this type of building will become the norm.

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