Friday, August 21, 2009

A Manufacturing-Tech Agreement

Schultz-Creehan, a Blacksburg-based high-tech research and development engineering firm, has entered into a collaboration with Roanoke’s Precision Technology, a manufacturer and supplier of linear motion actuators.

Employing Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Schultz-Creehan will model the vibratory behavior of Precision Technology’s actuator designs. These detailed analyses will be implemented by Precision Technology to improve material functionality and sustainability of the actuators.

FEA is a specialized, numerical technique using a computer model of a material or design that is put under stress and evaluated for particular results. FEA is employed during new product development, as well as existing product refinements and improvements.

During this project, Schultz-Creehan will use FEA in combination with additional materials and industrial engineering methods to provide definitive results to Precision Technology to decrease their manufacturing demands and increase actuator performance.

Upon completion of the endeavor for Precision Technology, Schultz-Creehan will continue to exhibit its expertise through the delivery of an innovative solution combining the use of high-tech, versatile engineering tools with a capable, knowledgeable team of professionals. The desire to provide quality and creativity for their customers enables Schultz-Creehan to continue cultivating relationships with exceptional clients such as Precision Technology.

Precision Technology is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial linear motion actuators for an extensive range of automation, machinery, material handling and positioning applications. Precision Technology provides its defense and commercial customers innovative and responsive products from a 50,000 square-foot-facility.

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