Thursday, November 4, 2010

Paychecks Plus Rises from the Ashes

Paychecks Plus has scheduled its grand-reopening Nov. 11, following reconstruction from a fire in January. The fire occurred during a critical time: the first month of a new year when a great deal of work was scheduled.

Paychecks Plus is payroll, tax processing and business services firm. The company suffered major structural damage to offices on Colonial Avenue in Roanoke County. Paychecks Plus is in the business of handling business services, including payroll processing along with tax planning for small businesses, individuals and corporations and fire has the potential to be harmful to both the business and its customers.

This was the busiest time of the year for Paychecks Plus, and the worst type of disaster that could have happened. Working closely with their Erie Insurance Agent, Forest Wagner and Consolidated Construction Services, Paychecks Plus didn't miss a deadline. Within four days of the fire, Paychecks Plus was operational in temporary office trailers with the help of Consolidated Construction Services.

Consolidated, a Roanoke based insurance restoration and remodeling company. worked closed with the owners of Paychecks Pus to identify the most critical files and information necessary to continue operation. Consolidated secured, cleaned and returned these files to Paychecks Plus by the time it was in operation in its temporary office space.

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  1. Just shows the versatility of portable buildings (+ the staff at Consolidated and PP must have worked incredibly hard)