Monday, July 11, 2011

WDBJ7 Rebuilding News Team

Gena Miller (top) and Melissa Gaona

WDBJ7 in Roanoke continues to make adjustments to its news operation in the wake of the firing of its news director and the retirement of long-time anchor Keith Humphry.

Here's the latest from the region's dominant television news organization:

An experienced news director, new reporters, a fourth newsroom, and management promotions enhance NEWS7’s market leading position.

Dan Dennison’s skills acquired during his 40 years in the news business are now leading the news department at Your Hometown Station. He took over as NEWS7 news director in June. He has managed television news departments in Colorado, California, and Hawaii.

One of those areas of growth is the opening of the NEWS7 Danville bureau. The station now has four newsrooms: Danville, Blacksburg, Lynchburg and Roanoke. The company recently hired two reporters: Justin Ward as bureau chief in Danville (who had been in Bluefield) and Melissa Gaona, a Texas native who worked in Bristol.

Mark Layman is now the company’s director of news operations. He is leading the team of photojournalist in on-line and mobile news gathering.

Gena Miller has moved into the role of production manager, overseeing studio operations. She has been with WDBJ7 since 2005, serving as a newscast director and studio supervisor.

“I’m confident that these changes will build on our successes and position us to continue to lead in all platforms,” says WDBJ7 general manager, Jeffrey A. Marks. "The company has long been the market leader for news and information, on both television and on-line. These changes are laying the groundwork for future expansion into new technologies."


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