Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Survival Kit from Mountain Shepherd School

Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School in Catawba has announced the debut of the Mountain Shepherd Survival Kit, an all-in-one emergency supply solution.

The kit, which includes everything you need to prevail in a survival situation, covers the school's seven priorities of survival: maintaining a positive mental attitude, first aid, shelter craft, fire craft, signaling, water and food. The kit is in a waterproof expandable bag to carry extra items like a knife, extra clothing, cell phone and other items appropriate for your outdoor adventure.

The bag also can carry up to eight liters of water. The supplies include a fire starter, medicine and other essential medical equipment, water purification tablets, an identification card, materials for signaling for help and more. The entire kit weighs 15 ounces and can be packed with the rest of your travel supplies. The Mountain Shepherd Survival Kit costs $69 and can be purchased at the school's website here.

Mountain Shepherd has extensive experience training a variety of military, corporate and personal clients. Our instructors have real-world Air Force survival experience and can tailor their instruction meet the needs of individuals, government agencies and corporate executives.

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