Friday, October 5, 2012

A Celebration of Manufacturing at Frank Chervan Inc.

Frank Chervan Inc. President Greg Terrill (backed by Kellex executives) addresses their workers this morning.
Shaping the wood.
Wood stacked and waiting.
Circular table in a cutting room.
Chair assembly line.
Ready frames.
Freshly stained chairs.
A grouping of finished chairs.
Workers listen as they are celebrated by Chervan's top executive.
National Manufacturing Day at Frank Chervan Inc./Kellex in Roanoke was a celebration of the companies' 165 workers (with 2,280 collective years of experience) this morning.

Chervan moved in next door to Kellex five years ago (closing a big factory with 180 workers in Bedford) and their rise has been meteoric since with sales increasing steadily. The companies produce 500 to 1,000 chairs for the hospitality industry daily.

Chervan President Greg Terrill not only praised his gathered workers but predicted a strong comeback for U.S. manufacturing in the coming years. He says it is all but inevitable because the political and public support is there.

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