Monday, November 5, 2012

EventZone, Roanoke End Long Affiliation

Festival in the Park is a signature event for EventZone
Roanoke City has ended its 43-year affiliation with EventZone, which produced several of its festivals and events. Jill Sluss, executive director of EventZone, says she welcomes the opportunities presented by opening up the field for the organization to pursue other localities to work with. Downtown Roanoke Inc. will take over organizing Roanoke's festivals and events.

Said Sluss, "With the temporary closing of Elmwood Park, we have been concerned about adequate facilities for our signature events. This decision opens the door to endless possibilities for partnering with other localities. We are excited at the enormous opportunity this presents."

She added that EventZone will continue to produce events such as Festival in the Park, the Cabin Fever Series and Party in the Park. The change will be adding new venues capable of hosting EventZone's events."

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