Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Digital Madness

Digital Madness!!!

My neighbor called me the other night to ask if I could come over and replace the cartridge in her printer.  "Sure," I said....how easy was this going to be? Famous last words.  Well, not exactly "last" words, there were many more that followed, few of them suitable for printing in a professional blog. 

The cartridge had a sticker on top showing you how to insert it.  It also had, as it's number one instruction, something about moving or removing a "green tab".  We both looked at the cartridge as intensely as we might an unearthed treasure and neither of us saw anything green anywhere on it. 

Oh well, I figured, let's just slide the new cartridge into the slot the old one came out of and we're good to go.  Wrong.  No matter how I put that cartridge into that slot it wouldn't seat and inform the printer that it was there. I read the instructions that came with the cartridge...nothing.  I made sure the cartridge was the right one for her printer. It was. Turn the printer off and back on...nope! Grrrr!

It was at this point I told my neighbor my personal doomsday theory:

Computers, especially the ones in our homes, are the brainchild of some evil empire who is currently biding its time...waiting patiently for us all to go stark raving mad....unable to communicate with the outside world.  When they land on our shores and demand our submission we will fall on our faces before them and say, "Thank God! Which one of you knows how to get rid of the blue screen of death?"

OK, maybe it's not that bad but it is frustrating.  Program updates, patches, new versions of everything, crashes....it is maddening!  

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It'll give you something to do while we are waiting for the invasion of those who sent Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to prepare the situation!

Cathy Cooper
Valley Business FRONT

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