Wednesday, December 9, 2009

David Perry Named Top Contributor for FRONT

From left: David Perry, Alison Weaver, Kathy Surace (not pictured Rachael Garrity)^

David Perry walked off with the top honor of Most Outstanding Contributor at the Valley Business FRONT's Writers Awards Luncheon at Hunting Hills Country Club today. Perry's work was cited by Editor Dan Smith for its clarity, humor, creativity, resourcefulness and for being on time, accompanied by superior photos--which Perry took.

Alison Weaver's cover story "Niche Itch," about the niche publications in the region, was named Story of the Year. Kathy Surace, who writes the Business Dress Column (and did a cover story on business dress, as well as other features) and Rachael Garrity were selected winners of the Editor's Award.

Jane Dalier, the FRONT's senior advertising executive, was selected Most Valuable Player on the staff of Valley Business FRONT. "If it weren't for Jane's outstanding performance," said Publisher Tom Field, "we simply wouldn't be here celebrating 16 months of publishing."


  1. Thanks to David for ferreting out a good description of my pursuit when I was emotionally down during the journey.

  2. Wow. A publication that honors its writers. Mind blowing. (I've been freelancing for years, and no one does this.)

  3. Peg:

    We did this for many years at Blue Ridge Business Journal and moved the tradition with us to FRONT. We love our writers and we want them to know it. They are us. At the lunch, each writer is invdidually recognized and thanked, as they dang-well should be.

    Dan Smith