Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'Emotional Intelligence' Partnership Announced

Dana Ackley of EQ Leader>

ITESA and EQ Leader (ITESA-EQL) have announced the first partnership focused on developing emotional intelligence for the call center industry. Roanoke-based Dana C. Ackley, EQ Leader president, is widely recognized for his role in developing EQ skills.

Ackley says, "Focusing on EQ provides call centers with the chance to solve some of its most vexing and costly problems. It is a new ground for them which can provide the competitive edge that all call centers seek. The chance to partner with ITESA, a long time established name in the call center industry, provides us with instant expertise in the problems that call centers face.”

While IQ is essential, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) might just be the key to unlocking further potential for quality performance, lower attrition and operational performance. The partnership brings together the first scientifically validated measure for star performers, with proprietary coaching techniques to manage and grow emotionally intelligent leadership teams and customer service representatives. The ITESA EQ Leader team have together over 50 years of expertise in call center knowledge and skill with psychology.

Pointing to several successful Emotional Intelligence implementations, showing dramatic results, they refer to American Express, Prudential Insurance and the US Air Force, where results have demonstrated that individuals with higher Emotional Quotient scores make better leaders, and communicators.

Higher EQ scores indicate that the individuals can better handle all kinds of stress more effectively and efficiently, thus making revenue graph go higher with every passing day.

Keith Fiveson is president/CEO of ITESA.

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