Friday, February 26, 2010

Enterprise Efficiency: Thinking Business

Keith Ferrell (right), who writes occasionally for Valley Business FRONT and who is nationally known as an expert in new media (among other things; he's written 18 books and is the former editor of Omni magazine) is part of a new Web-based think tank (for lack of a better explanation) called Enterprise Efficiency. EE calls itself "a unique interactive community of business technology leaders and executive decision makers – including CIOs, analysts, consultants, and other IT-involved professionals – to share ideas, insights, observations, and best practices, as well as the intellectual and emotional support to help enterprise technology executives make these goals a reality."

It offers a lot of advice, updates, news and just generally good business talk. Visit it here and let us know what you think. If Keith's part of it, we can promise you it will be thoughtful and lively.


  1. Dan, thanks for the virtual ink!

    We invite your readers -- and you -- to participate in the new Enterprise Efficiency community.

    We didn't think of it as a think tank, but it's actually an apt description.


    Fredric Paul
    Editor in Chief / Community Activist
    Enterprise Efficiency (E2)

  2. The first thought I would present relates to personal & community security, particularly in the light of the current rush to cloud computing.
    Trusted computing as developed by the Trusted Computing Group (Intel MS NSA Dell Juniper, etc, etc)is a paradigm shifting hardware based security technology that uses a "Trusted Platform Module" on the motherboard. This secures sensitive information "beneath the BIOS".
    Anyway, this current security technology offers us the key to dramatic changes in the way we use communication and information tecnology.