Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blacksburg Company Gets Big Contract for New Bomb Destroying System

UXB International Inc. of Blacksburg has been awarded a contract with Westinghouse Anniston for the design, fabrication, installation and testing of a mobile, self-contained system called a Static Detonation Chamber (SDC).

This equipment, made by DYNASAFE and sold exclusively by UXB in North America, is capable of destroying some of the problematic munitions stored at Anniston Army Depot, Anniston, Ala.

The demilitarization services are under a $23 million contract with Westinghouse Anniston, which is part of Washington Government Environmental Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of URS Corporation. The DYNASAFE technology was selected because it offers emissions control, but does not require munitions disassembly, and leaves scrap material free from explosives or other organic contamination. Westinghouse Anniston will serve as the operator of the unit at the Anniston Chemical Demilitarization Facility.

“The Static Detonation Chamber has been proven highly effective in destroying military munitions,” says Harley Heaton, UXB’s VP of research and development. ”A similar unit has been in operation at Germany’s Chemical Weapons Destruction Facility in Munster for over three years processing more than 28,000 items and not once has any chemical agent survived. There are 10 SDC units in place for the processing of chemical and conventional munitions worldwide and not a single case of explosives or agent surviving the processing has ever been found.”

UXB, with corporate headquarters in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, has provided ordnance and explosive waste services, nationally and internationally, for more than 25 years. The company has conducted operations around the world – in 44 American states and 23 countries.

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