Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shupe Takes Over CAP Oil Change

Joseph Shupe (right) has acquired the business and product line of CAP Oil Change Systems in Roanoke. The products of CAP Oil Change Systems was first invented in mid 1990s by Henry McFadden and brought to market in 1999.

Under the tutelage of McFadden Shupe was trained on the principals of the technology and its mechanics. Subsequently with the death of McFadden in 2009 ownership was retained Shupe.

Since the acquisition, CAP Oil Change Systems has made several changes: new branding, a new website and a new look has been established. CAP has focused its marketing effort on fleet vehicles for transportation and the delivery of goods, heavy equipment and industrial applications. Another concentration for CAP Oil Change Systems is Mercedes Benz Dealerships and new product development for the United States Air Force.

CAP Oil Change Systems has provided its products to over 100 companies and military installations including: Roanoke Valley Metro; Greater Lynchburg Transit Company; South Bend Indiana Public Transportation; The City of Roanoke ,VA; The City of Pulaski, VA; The City of Kent, Washington; Cessna Aircraft; Waste Management Corp; Mercedes Benz Dealerships; General Dynamics; Ring Power; Coke-a-Cola Corp; Frito Lay Corp; Ryder Transportation; Multiple Air National Guard Units; The U.S. Air Force.

Since its inception in 1999, CAP has been important in developing manufactured and engineered extractor and dispenser equipment and accessories. CAP Oil Change Systems offers equipment that extract oils and fluids from engines, coolant systems, hydraulic systems, gear boxes, etc. for all size fleets.

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