Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Downtown Project for John Garland

209 First Street is in for some renovations.^

Grafitti covers some of the surface at 209 First St.^

John Garland of Spectrum Design in Roanoke is continuing his quest to renovate downtown Roanoke. His newest effort will likely be at 209 First Street, directly behind the renovated State and City Building and a former part of the Leggett Department Store.

Garland has signed a purchase agreement to buy the four-story property from Jack Barbour for $350,000. The contract would be final in 30 days if it goes through. He plans to create three condos on the upper floors with the potential living/working space with studios and a first floor for business, he says.

He has scheduled an open house at 16 West Church (the old S&W Cafeteria) Sept. 9 to show off the newly renovated space for Oasis Chiropractic Clinic and as a PR event for the remaining spaces.

“We are almost there with Carilion and Zoom, but unfortunately they cannot make a commitment until Sept. 10,” he says. “We are moving ahead with eight apartments on the third and part of the second floors.”

The first floor will be retail space and he Garland has envisioned something of a City Market Building, but he has “no takers yet on the first floor, but we have not been pushing. The existing market vendors were enticed with the $20K offer from the City of Roanoke if they returned and some are not coming back downtown.”

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