Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Take Me Out to The Ball Game ...

The Creekmore Law Firm’s annual trek to Salem Stadium for a baseball game took place in mid-August in the middle of a heat wave that had temperatures hovering near 100 degrees and even the air conditioned sky boxes couldn’t provide cool. Still, there was plenty of lively conversation. Here Dian Akers of the Blacksburg Partnership (from left, top photo), Heather Browning of the Town of Blacksburg and Martha Moore of Brambleton Deli watch the game and sip a little brew; James Creekmore (right, center photo) talks to Ken and Joy Dupin of IntoCare; and Mary and Jim Miller pose at the rail. Mary owns Interactive Design and Development.

1 comment:

  1. We were down by the visitor's dugout, watching the bats (the flying kind) on the field and also a nice praying mantis. So muggy I expected to see the Houston Astros trot out on the diamond. And... a walk-off win in the 10th inning is always welcome.