Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seniors Mob Salem Civic Center for Expo

Virginia Prosthetics' booth featured skeletal displays.^

Carilion Clinic was pushing its new Medicare Advantage program.^

Seniors take a rest in the eating/resting area.^

Bluegrass is the standard musical far.^

If you gotta die, go in style.^

From above: seniors pack the Salem Civic Center floor.^

DAN SMITH story, photos

If mortality (your own) is at the top of your concerns these days, run over to the Salem Civic Center where you will have a great deal of company. The annual Senior Expo is being held within and the big danger inside the building is getting run down by a runaway walker or having an oxygen tank fall on your foot.

When I was there this morning (trying to blend in as one of the crowd), it was wall to wall codgers, maybe as many as 2,000 and the buses were still coming.

Inside, you could arrange your funeral, put yourself into a care facility, arrange to move (and sell the stuff you don't want), watch a fashion show, but over the counter meds and do all the things businesses perceive my age group is interested in. Commerce at its best with the nation's largest demographic.

The expo is free and the freebies--the elderly are behind only sportswriters as freeloaders--are voluminous.

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  1. Dan,this sounds interesting. This old woman and her old man will try to go. Am I too late to make it?