Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Positive View at Novozymes

In the upcoming November edition of Valley Business FRONT Publisher Tom Field shares his conversation with Steen Riisgaard (right), the president and CEO of Novozymes, who addressed the Roanoke County division at the Salem Civic Center yesterday. He lives in Denmark.

Riisgaard has a positive view of the future—one where industry responds to societal challenges with earth-friendly solutions. He says the technology challenge for Novozymes is to turn to nature before chemistry.

The interview reveals the CEO’s vision: he has been called the global champion of “bio-economics” and Novozymes has been cited as “the world leader in enzymes and bio-innovation.”

Roanoke plant president Patrick Patterson echoes the company’s support of practical environmentalism by contributing to the local greenways movement in the Roanoke Valley. Catch the full story in November’s FRONT.

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