Saturday, May 1, 2010

Belltone Opens New Roanoke Site

(From left) Carl McCurdy, president of Beltone-Roanoke; Lisa Soltice, economic development specialist with Roanoke; Kevin McCurdy, audiologist with Beltone-Roanoke; Barb Vansomeren and Steve Brinkman from Beltone Corporate cut the ribbon.

Beltone Audiology and Hearing Aid Center executives helped Roanoke City Manager Chris Morrill (in his first ribbon-cutting) clipped the ribbon on their new headquarters in downtown Roanoke May 1.

The manufacturer of hearing instruments has been represented in Roanoke since the mid 1940s. Carl McCurdy became the authorized Beltone dispenser in January 1967. McCurdy has grown the Roanoke-based Virginia headquarters to encompass 50 counties in Virginia and 2 in West Virginia, with 7 full-time offices in Martinsville, Lynchburg, Salem, Roanoke, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg and Fredericksburg.

National Better Hearing Month, an annual event designed to raise awareness of communication disorders and to promote treatment to improve quality of life for those with hearing difficulties, began today. Beltone’s Roanoke location will be open to customers and visitors daily offering complimentary hearing tests and opportunities for education and door prize drawings.

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