Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Marketing 2010: Let the Neighbors In On It

Bob Fetzer shows Lucy Ellett the geothermal plan.^

Lucy Paige Ellett (left) and Kerrigan Chaney play in an area where a new room is marked.^

The builders get their instructions directly. Surgeons: take note!^

Sandy Murray shows off the inside plan to Hal and Gerry McGrath.^

As a marketing tool, it’s just this side of genius. Fact is, you’re almost certainly going to see more of it in the future.

Building Specialists marketing director Sandy Murray explains it this way: “In the tradition of Building Specialists last minute fun, we decided to ask our clients John and Darcy Chaney if we could have a ‘wine and cheese/meet the neighbors party’ at their home before we started knocking down the walls.”

That would be a big “yes,” and the game was on.

Building Specialists is doing a complete renovation to the home on Cornwallis Ave. in the high-end South Roanoke neighborhood. The Chaney family has owned the home for many years, but Darcy and John will be moving into it for the first time.

John is an engineer with AECOM and Darcy is an architect there. The house’s makeover includes geothermal heating and, says Sandy, “Of course they are doing all the other eco-friendly things with the appliance selection, insulation, windows etc.”

Bob Fetzer, who owns Building Specialists was especially glad the neighbors got the opportunity to see what’s going on. “You know neighbors,” he says. “They all want to know the details. We’re planning on having them back when the work’s done.” For a little more marketing, perhaps.


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