Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LeClairRyan Celebrates Morse's Chairmanship

Clinton Morse chats with Roanoke Chamber President Joyce Waugh earlier tonight.^

LeClairRyan in Roanoke held a celebration tonight for shareholder Clinton Morse, who was named in January chairman of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce board of directors.

In his new role, Morse will lead the Virginia Chamber’s aggressive advocacy efforts to spur job creation and economic growth in the Commonwealth.

"Clint adds a wealth of knowledge and experience to the leadership of the Virginia Chamber as we work to renew our state economy," says Hugh Keogh, president and CEO. "As one of Virginia’s leading labor and employment attorneys, he is a passionate and highly effective proponent of a probusiness environment that will create economic growth and well paying jobs."

Morse joined the board in 2004 and also served as Chair of the Chamber’s Management Relations Committee. He has since served as first vice chairman and vice chairman for Southwest Virginia on the Chamber’s executive committee.

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