Thursday, March 17, 2011

Modea Moving to Middle School in B'burg

Montgomery County announced today a development agreement with Blacksburg-based technology firm, Modea, to expand its operations to the site of the Old Blacksburg Middle School. The expansion would include construction of Modea’s corporate headquarters and will allow for future growth and the creation of several hundred new jobs.

“This is wonderful news for Blacksburg and Montgomery County,” said Blacksburg Mayor Ron Rordam. “Modea is an exemplary, locally grown company, and we couldn’t be more excited about their commitment to remain in Blacksburg.”

“For years the Town and County have discussed the best and most viable use for the Old Middle School property. Modea’s interest couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Blacksburg Town Manager Marc Verniel. “While the company has a contract on the parcel facing Main Street, our next step will be to work with Modea and the County to develop a master plan for the entire 20 acre property.”

Earlier this week, the Town of Blacksburg and Montgomery County announced that master planning work will begin immediately with Arnett Muldrow Associates, of Greenville, SC. A series of public input sessions are scheduled for the next two months. Once the property is rezoned from its current residential status, Modea will move forward with construction plans.

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