Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Speaking of Green (as in Money and Environmentalism)

Pete Krull faces an eager audience at the meeting.^

All eyes forward as Pete talks ethical investing.^

You might wonder what in the world Pete Krull, who owns an investment company, was doing tonight talking to a room full of greenies, whose green isn't necessarily the color of money.

A little deeper examination shows they have a lot in common. Krull & Company has a lot of investment clients in the Roanoke Valley (it is based in Georgia) who care a great deal about where their money is invested, not just how much it returns. And that is where Krull's specialty comes in handy: he's into "ethical" investment, which often means environmental investing. Hence the tie.

He talked to a room full of people at the Claude Moore Center (an environmentally friendly meeting facility) tonight about the why, what and how of this kind of investing and, as you can see from the faces, the level of interest was high.

--Dan Smith

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