Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GS Industries Gets Big New Contract

GS Industries of Bassett, a leading provider of custom plastic injection molding, is expanding its business to produce parts for a manufacturer of infant and toddler toys and accessories. The company, occupying a 148,000-square-foot building in Henry County, expects to add 35 new jobs to meet demand.

Of the 35 new positions to be created, 21 of will be machine operators with the rest in support roles and tooling maintenance.

“At a time when domestic manufacturing continues to struggle, we’re bucking the trend with quality work, on-time delivery, low manufacturing costs and tooling transfer experience,” says Hank McHale, CEO of GS Industries of Bassett.

The company’s newest client, Kids II Inc., manufactures, markets and distributes products worldwide under its signature Bright Starts brand and holds a license to design and manufacture products under the Disney Baby and Baby Einstein brands. Most recently, it acquired the intellectual property rights to Rhino Toys and Taggies. Kids II produces more than 400 products worldwide under its brand portfolio.

GS Industries’ injection-molded plastics will be used in Baby Einstein’s Around the World Discovery Center, an activity saucer for babies. The company’s work also will be used to make high chairs, potty seats, booster seats and other items for the U.S. and global markets. The first parts were shipped worldwide in late August.

“With shipping costs rising due to fuel prices, manufacturers are realizing that parts and products can be made more efficiently here at home rather than importing them,” McHale says.

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