Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Schultz-Creehan Holdings Merges with Aeroprobe

Schultz-Creehan Holdings Inc. of Blacksburg has acquired Aeroprobe Corporation, an international supplier of custom aerodynamic and hydrodynamic measurement systems. Schultz-Creehan had been Aeroprobe’s exclusive manufacturer of multi-hole probe instrumentation.
The merger brings design and manufacturing together while enhancing Aeroprobe’s mechanical, electronic, and materials capabilities. The companies have combined to operate as Aeroprobe Corporation. Offices and staff have been consolidated in Schultz-Creehan Holding’s facilities on Kraft Drive in Blacksburg.

Nanci Hardwick (right), CEO of the merged entity, says, "Schultz-Creehan Holdings has a strong reputation for innovation and has addressed complex problems requiring a multi-disciplinary team approach for customers who are challenged by the extremes of the environment they work in.

“We have been able to develop novel solutions to address the conditions of extreme heat, corrosion, and pressure. For 18 years, Aeroprobe has provided custom solutions for industries like aerospace, turbomachinery, wind energy and automotive which all face extreme conditions. We share a culture of innovation and technical expertise. To honor Aeroprobe’s global reputation for leading technology, we’ve chosen to continue operating under that name.”

Aeroprobe Vice President of Business Development Matt Zeiger says, “This merger provides a synergy that will greatly benefit the market. Both companies have a tradition of commitment to the customer. We are excited to now offer expanded in-house resources, engineering, and expertise.”

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