Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Harris, Williamson Named to Hall of Fame

Leon P. Harris (left), KelTech Inc. and John B. Williamson (right), CEO of RGC Resources, Inc. have been named laureates for the 21st Southwest VirginiaBusiness Hall of Fame. They will be recognized on Nov. 14 at the Business Hall of Fame dinner at Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center. Reception begins at 6 p.m., with dinner at 6:30pm. For more ticket information please e-mail or call 989-6392.

Established in 1990 the Business Hall of Fame honors leaders based on their outstanding leadership and business success as well as contributions and involvement in the community.

Harris is a native of Floyd and a graduate of Virginia Tech in electrical engineering. He started at GE building parts for locomotives and was involved in two start-up businesses making small electric components. He was also part owner of a radio broadcasting company. Each of his ventures started with a small nucleus of dedicated workers that grew into national providers of telecommunications.

Harris’ success has afforded him time and capital to help others with business and venture capital. His he was instrumental in the launch of RB TC (Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council) formerly NCTC.

Williamson is chairman/president of RGC Resources who has served as county administrator in three Virginia locations and on several boards that uphold human rights, education, health and wellness and the arts. Williamson has held positions at C& P Telephone (now Verizon), to Roanoke Gas Company and the newly formed energy distributor RGC Resources, a publicly traded company.

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