Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FRONT Boys Talk About Environmental Issue

Bob Grebe and Kimberly McBroom talk about VBFRONT on Mornin' this a.m.

Valley Business FRONT Editor Dan Smith and Publisher Tom Field appeared on WDBJ7's Mornin' show this a.m. with Bob Grebe, talking about the magazine's April environmental special issue.

The issue will not only cover business and the environment, but, said Smith and Field, it will be an environmental issue, the first that will not be printed on paper. The on-line only nature of the April issue will be only for the one issue; VBFRONT will return in paper form in May, but "this is a statement," said Smith. "We are commited to environmentalism and this was one way we could put our money where our mouth is."

See the interview with Grebe here.

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