Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Distracted at the FRONT Party

Rarely are we so busy or distracted at Valley Business FRONT that we neglect to pick up a camera and start firing away when we are at events. Our own, though? A problem.

Last night at our First Anniversary/Holiday Open House this shot was the only result and it came as an afterthought as we were packing to leave after a full three hours of packed house at our offices at the Jefferson Center.

The four remaining FRONTers (designer Nick Vassen had left) posed with charicature artist Kyle Edgell (that's a drawing of the editor and the publisher on her easel). Standing in our brand new FRONT logo shirts (the publisher picked the color) are (from left) ad exec Deborah Vaughn, editor Dan Smith, publisher Tom Field and senior ad exec Jane Dalier.

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