Monday, November 30, 2009

Oakey's Pet Funeral Home Opens Tomorrow

Crematorium designed for pets at Oakey's^

The Pet Funeral Home & Crematory on Airport Road^

Roanoke-based Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home & Crematory opens tomorrow to area pet owners faced with end of life decisions for their companions. The facility is at 5416 Airport Road and is unique to this region.

“The Oakey’s Family is passionate about our own pets and we understand the meaning of the human-companion animal bond,” says Sammy Oakey, President. “Our goal is to treat your pet the way we would treat any family member we serve, with respect and dignity, and with a level of care families have come to expect with the Oakey’s name.”

According to the American Pet Association, of the 106.4 million households in the U.S., there are 45 million dog owners. More than half of those owners say they are more attached to their pets than to at least one other human being. Of those households, there are 77 million cat owners.

The new facility offers a private room for families to have a farewell. The facility was constructed specifically for the cremation of pets and is separate from Oakey’s human funeral services. All cremations are performed onsite in the facility and pet owners receive a certificate of cremation along with the pet’s remains.

Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home & Crematory, offers services that include private cremation of pets, traditional burial, customized memorial celebrations, prearrangements and aftercare. Customized merchandising is also available for pet owners to choose from. (From press release.)


  1. This is the first I have ever heard of a pet funeral home. What next? Pet insurance? Pet schools? Pet playgrounds? Pet salons? Pet hotels? Pets at work? Pet weddings?

  2. All those you mention Jill already exist.. too late!! Ha, ha. Nice link. Chaulk it up to American Free Enterprise and people silly enough to blow their money on something, and voila! Ain't it always like that? There's a buyer for every widget and there's a sucker born every minute.
    Oh, yeah. I love my cats to the point that I act like a doofus, but that doesn't cost much. Not likely going on Oakey's preferred customer list.
    PS - Are they running a monopoly, BTW? I tend to notice that funeral homes take over an entire metropolis. Is it my imagination? Kinda like Hospitals, eh? Never mind... whole 'nuther conversation.

  3. Loss of a family pet is a source of sadness. For many of us they are like our family members. They live with us; become our loyal friends, companion. But an unfortunate fact is that the life of an animal is far less than a human. Its nice that Pet Funeral opens.

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  6. I also have experience when my beloved pet have died .Anyways i will thanks to you for sharing this information.
    but its so sad.


  7. Many people grieve for weeks, after the passing of a pet and plenty of pet cemeteries exist. The oldest one in the U.S. is in Hartsdale, NY, est. 1896. There oldest canine cemetery I have found, is the Duchess of York's, in London, est. 1790-1815. Therefore, this is NOT a new concept, contrary to popular belief. I wonder if one could capture EBPs (electronic bark phenomenon) on voice recorders. lol

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