Monday, November 9, 2009

GridPoint Buys ADMMicro of Roanoke

A recent celebration at ADMMicro^

Some of ADMMicro's products^

ADMMicro was recently host to candidate Bill Bolling (above); Don Howell (right)>

GridPoint, Inc., a smart grid company, has acquired Roanoke-based ADMMicro, an energy management systems organization serving the commercial and industrial sector. The acquisition extends GridPoint’s service potential to a broader customer base.

The company hopes to transform the distribution and consumption of electricity. “The smart grid cannot be fully realized without integrating intelligent facilities that are equipped to automatically achieve optimum efficiency,” says Peter L. Corsell, CEO, GridPoint.

“Our companies have a closely aligned vision, which involves empowering our customers with visibility and control over energy consumption in order to realize savings and lower their carbon footprint,” says Don Howell, CEO, ADMMicro.

“ADMMicro is an innovative company that has established a leading position in a rapidly expanding market segment. Our respective technologies are highly complementary and will benefit producers and consumers of electricity across the board.”

ADMMicro helps clients manage their facilities to increase energy efficiency. ADMMicro’s energy management and submetering systems automatically monitor and control energy consumption, including HVAC systems and lighting, and provide customers with online reports.

ADMMicro’s commercial/industrial systems, which are in use at thousands of sites nationwide, will work with GridPoint’s portfolio of software solutions, which aggregate and manage distributed sources of load, storage and generation for utilities and their residential customers. GridPoint’s software allows utilities to efficiently balance supply and demand and improve grid reliability and empowers consumers with user-friendly tools to manage energy consumption.

The utility market remains a core focus for GridPoint, which will continue to develop products and services that redefine relationships between utilities and their customers. For example, the extension of GridPoint’s solutions into the C&I market creates new opportunities for utilities to engage enterprise customers in demand response and load reduction programs.

Howell and ADMMicro’s management team are veteran electrical engineers and utility executives who have worked in the fields of energy management, building management, electrical power monitoring, and retail operations for more than 25 years. ADMMicro has been featured in Fortune magazine and was recognized with a 2009 Rising Star Award by the NewVA Corridor Technology Council, which serves the growing technology industry in the region encompassing Roanoke, Blacksburg and surrounding counties.

(From press releases.)

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