Friday, November 6, 2009

Scenes From the Green Living Expo

Al Steed of AMSOIL takes time for his granddaughter Heather Meikle, who's nearly 3^

Liz Belcher of Roanoke Valley Greenways explains how they work to Ken Cabay^

Cars dot the floor of the exhibition hall, none of them traditional internal combustion engine vehicles^

Pete Krull of Krull & Company helps people invest their money in green technologies and other ethical ventures^

Stacy Hairfield, publisher of Natural Awakenings magazine, and her son, Noah, investigate wind power at Chesapeake Renewable Energy's booth^

Clean Valley Council (Anne Masters and Laura Wasko sitting) draws an active crowd^

The crowd is large and lively today at the Green Energy Expo at the Roanoke Civic Center, which has reached a level of maturity many of us only hoped for a few years ago when it started as what Rush Limbaugh might have called "a gathering of waco-environmentalists."

Those wack-os are now mainstream business people who have seen the benefit of bottom lines boosted by energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technology. The Expo reflects the maturity of the movement and has vendors showing their wares in a variety of areas from investing to wind energy.

Come by our booth near the back wall if you have time.

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