Thursday, July 23, 2009

Synchrony Product Recognized

For 47 years, the R&D 100 Awards have been recognizing the most advanced products in their industries, judged by their advances in technology and their impacts to their markets and the world around them.

Fusion is designed to improve the performance and simplicity of using magnetic bearings in rotating equipment such as motors and pumps. Synchrony’s focus is improving the performance and reliability of high performance rotating machinery and power conversion systems.

The commercial introduction of Fusion bearings comes after years of development and testing. Through innovations related to the electromagnetic and thermal design, digital signal processing, self-monitoring capabilities, and software algorithms, the performance and simplicity of the Fusion(R) bearing system distinguishes it from other magnetic bearings.

"Magnetic bearings improve efficiency and reliability while eliminating the need for lubricants that may harm the environment," says Synchrony CEO & President Dr. Victor Iannello. "At a time when there is world attention on energy and the environment, Fusion bearings now make it simple and economical to integrate magnetic bearings into rotating machinery."

ounded in 1993, Synchrony develops and delivers products that maximize the ROI, energy savings, and environmental benefit of its customers' machines.

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