Wednesday, July 8, 2009

VTLS in Blacksburg Celebrates 25 Years

VTLS Inc. in Blacksburg is celebrating the start of its 25th year as a corporation. Over the past 24 years, VTLS has provided software, custom solutions, and service to the global library community.

From the initial Circulation and Finding System (CFS), which was groundbreaking software in 1975, to Chamo, which is groundbreaking software in 2009, VTLS has been a world leader in automation and information technology.

VTLS dates back to the mid-1970s when the initial CFS system came into existence. Created in 1979 and distributed in 1980, VTLS (the product) was the first MARCbased ILS. In 1985, VTLS Inc. was created to address the growing service needs for VTLS software.

The company has experienced constant growth since incorporation and remains independent, debt free, and profitable. Maintaining a steadfast commitment to both development and customer services, VTLS devotes 40 percent of its corporate resources to research and development and another 30 percent to customer support.

Over the years, VTLS’ product offerings have grown to include many cutting-edge developments. Virtua was the first commercial ILS to include support for FRBR. VITAL, an institutional repository solution, is based on Fedora’s open source software. Visualizer, a faceted search tool and Fastrac, an RFID solution, are other examples of creative solutions to marketplace demands.

“As one of the few companies in our industry that have not had an ownership change since inception, we are in a unique position,” saysCecilia M. Yourshaw, VTLS’ vice president of operations. “Our focus continues to be on anticipating and fulfilling the needs of the 21st century library community, and although much has changed over the past quarter century, VTLS remains committed to service and to excellence.”

VTLS President and CEO Vinod Chachra says, “Many of our customers have described our products as innovative or visionary. We are indeed proud of that. In the long run, however, it is not about products—for products change—but it is about people and their dedication to a cause.

"I am proud of the people that make up VTLS. They are the very best in this industry, and their enthusiasm makes it a pleasure to come to work each morning. So now we invite you to celebrate with us. Watch for future announcements, new events, and special offers to our customers as we proudly commemorate our 25th anniversary.”

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