Friday, July 3, 2009

Top Country Clubs To Merge in Roanoke?

A merger of the Roanoke Valley's two most prestigious country clubs--both struggling in hard economic times--could save a combined $750,000 a hear and make both viable, officials say. The old and venerable Roanoke Country Club, home of Roanoke's elite old money for many years, and the newer (and nouveau riche) Hunting Hills Country Club would not take place before 2010 and "the need is really economics," according to Hunting Hills' Tom Van Durrsen. He talked of "the opportunity ... to increase value to our members" in a published report.

Members would be able to use sports facilities at both clubs. Dining would be a Hunting Hills function and banquets would be held at RCC.

Van Durrsen laid much of the blame for declining memberships on the need for two working parents in most households, leaving less time for country club life.

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