Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At the Chamber Business Expo

Robert Turcotte of Entre Computer Center shows Cox Businesses' Russell Decker a 1972 digital computer. It still works, but is more a curiosity than what we know as a computer.

Leslie Coty (right) introduces members of the social media panel: (from left) Lynda McNutt Foster, Diane Geller, John Lusher and Janeson Keeley.^

John Nettles and Norma Davenport of LBM Office Solutions pause for a photo.^

Jamie Clark of Premier, a moving company, talks to Richard Key and Pat Cousins at her booth.^

Stephanie Anderson watches as Larry Norman spins the prize dial at the Commonwealth Home Health Care booth.^

FRONT columnist Janeson Keeley (left) and feature writer Susan Ayers made the rounds.^

FRONT ad executives JoLynn Siefert (left) and Jane Dalier present a good, uh, front at our booth.

The Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce's Business Expo was a bit smaller than usual today, but no less busy. Here are some scenes from the expo at the Roanoke Civic Center.

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