Friday, April 23, 2010

FRONT All Over the VPW Conference

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View from my table of keynote speaker Sharyn McCrumb. At the table (from lower right, clockwise), Keith Ferrell, Catherine Fox, Cara Modisett, Joe Tennis, Julie Campbell, Stephanie Hardison and Mollie Bryan.^

FRONT contributors (from left) columnist Anne Clelland and writers Bonnie Cranmer and Jill Elswick.^

Niche Writing panel was moderated by Sally Harris (standing) and (from left) Joe Tennis, Tristen Perry, Anne Clelland and Molly Bryan.^

Editor-Writer Faceoff featured (from left): Julie Campbell of Washington & Lee University, Dan Smith, Keith Ferrell and Deborah Huso.^

Anne Clelland does a little work during a talk.^

The Virginia Press Women state conference at the Taubman Museum of Art had "Valley Business FRONT" written all over it today.

Whether directly or indirectly, your favorite regional magazine's writers and editor were much in evidence and even FRONT-sponsored Roanoke Regional Writers Conference participants were in the lead ranks or presenters.

Among the presenters were editor Dan Smith and contributing writer Keith Ferrell talking about the editor-freelance writer relationship; columnist Anne Clelland discussing niche writing; and freelance contributors Jill Elswick and Bonnie Cranmer talking about Twitter. These discussions constituted three quarters of the breakout sessions.

Additionally, Mollie Cox Bryan of Charlottesville, who writes cookbooks and is a columnist, took part in the niche writing presentation. She will be among the presenters at next year's FRONT-sponsored Roanoke Regional Writers Conference at Hollins. Others on the bill for that event include conference organizer and panel moderator Cara Modisett of Blue Ridge Country magazine, Clelland, Cranmer and Ferrell.

FRONT editor Smith points out that even the keynote speaker for the statewide event, novelist Sharyn McCrumb, has a direct link: she is a distant cousin of his and was the keynote speaker at the Writers Conference two years ago.


  1. Glad you were part of our conference. Your panel was most informative. Thoroughly enjoyed it.