Saturday, April 10, 2010

Free Exporting Seminar Scheduled May 5 in Roanoke

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership, cooperating with economic development groups from Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Franklin County, and the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce, will sponsor “‘Introduction to Exporting,” a free event at the Roanoke Higher Education Center May 5.

The event runs 9 a.m.-noon in Room 209. Call 434-582-5185 or e-mail to make reservations, which are required. Space in the seminar is limited.

Virginia Trade Manager Ralph Torning (right) explains the thought behind the seminar, “As the regional international trade manager, my job is one of advisor to area businesses that have an interest in pursuing business opportunities outside U.S. borders, and to those companies that are already exporting but wish to expand to new foreign markets.

"While most politicians understand very well that it is good for Virginia and America when our businesses pursue foreign sales and profit opportunities (resulting increases in tax revenue and employment come to mind), it is often not easy to convince small and medium-sized businesses that exporting can make a big difference in their bottom-line.

"I could fill pages with excuses made by companies for not looking at foreign markets. However, as all of them have experienced over the past two years, relying on the U.S. market alone is no longer guaranteed money in the bank. In fact, those of my clients that serve multiple overseas markets in addition to the domestic market have weathered the storm very nicely and are now already seeing substantial business improvements as a result of rapidly increasing sales to their foreign markets, while their domestic sales are still lagging.

"The willingness to help with promoting this 3-hour event by the participating groups cannot be overstated. I am extremely pleased with the level of support and cooperation I received from each of this local business support groups."

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